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Ready For Resurrection? by Apostle Michele Sparks

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

All too often when people contact us for help it is because the hurts, pains and stresses of life have become almost unbearable. They are searching, seeking and feel like they have been left without a sense of direction. They have tried many journeys already but ones which have not brought hope and healing.

When any of us is in pain regardless of the source we can be so eager to get to the place of reprieve, rest, renewal. "Just make it better" seems to be the cry of the wounded heart. When our lesson comes from Scripture and the life of Jesus Christ we learn that there is no place of newness without a dying out of something. Perhaps it is old ineffective habits that need to die out. Maybe toxic thought patterns or problematic behavior choices need to be changed. We must come to the pace of realizing that things aren't working the way we tried. Self only produces emotional death. Our souls groan for so much more.

What our souls are really longing for is what only the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ can provide. That resurrection place is possible as we submit to God's personal journey for each of us. Even Jesus had to go through a death and burial before a resurrection. Likewise, God wants us effective to wholeheartedly face head on with victory what lies ahead. This can only happen through surrender to the methods He desires.

We are here to walk alongside you in this journey toward the better place you have been longing for. While none of us can bypass God's process we are committed to standing with you through the process with all its ups and downs. If you are interested in learning more please contact us at (380) 213-9909.

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