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A Glimpse Into The Ministry

Joyful Angelic Ministry
Missions and Orphanage- Uganda

John 14:18- "I will not leave you as orphans and without comfort.  I will come back to you."  Jesus

Under the leadership of Director Apostle Paul Musinguzi


Our Story

Paul Musinguzi knows what it is like to be an orphan.  His parents both died when he was only a few years old leaving himself and his brother alone.  Had it not been for the grace and mercy of an Ugandan couple adopting him and his biological brother and raising them alongside their own 7 children he might not be where he is at today.  Being shown the grace of God as a young child now Apostle Paul has a heart for outreach to those who cannot do for themselves including orphans, widows and those who need to see love in action.  

With the heart of a father Paul Musinguzi directs and mentors the ones Jesus called "the least of these."  He recalls the words of Jesus Christ that "whatsoever you do for the least of these you do unto me."  (Matthew 25:40) Paul believes that practical compassion and boundless love demonstrates the heart of Jesus.

What Joyful Angelic Ministry does:

  • housing and clothing for children without natural parents

  • basic food and water for daily nourishment

  • on site ministers living and modeling Christ in action

  • education at local private Christian schools as well as on site Bible lessons

  • providing a family in Christ who lives and works among each other

  • teaching in life lessons and skills

  • instilling hope and faith for the future

How To Support The Lord's Work in Uganda

You can connect directly to the ministry work of Apostle Paul Musinguzi on his Facebook page or through Facebook messenger. Your prayers are most appreciated for the ongoing work of the ministry.  If you would like to donate to the orphanage and outreach of Joyful Angelic Ministry contact Paul directly.  


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