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Equipping Ministry Schools

Spiritual Foundations School

100 The Foundation of Salvation

200 Growing through Discipleship

300 Character Formation

400 Repentance

500 Righteous in Christ

600- Sanctification and Consecration

700-Hearing The Voice of God in Today’s World

800- Who am I?: The Believer’s Identity and My Personal Identity

900 Living My Faith

Wrapping It Up: Prayer And Release

School of Intercession

100 Prayer Versus Intercession

200 A Lifestyle of Yieldedness

300- Types of Prayer

400 Religious Versus Spirit Led Prayer

500- The Art Of Travail

600- Developing a Heart That Can be Entrusted

700-What is Not Seen or Recognized Is Most Vital to the Church

800- In the Inner Courts

900- Declaring God’s Rhema

Wrap Up: Intercessors: Prayer and Release

School of the Prophets

100 The Old Testament Versus New Testament Prophets

200 Prophets Versus Prophesy

300 Getting The Message Straight

400 My Motivation: What Do I Want With This thing?

500 The Delivery

600 Timing Is Everything

700 The Role of The Holy Spirit

800 Help, I Want Out: Counting The Cost

900- Leading Them To Him

Wrap Up: Prayer and Release

School of Helps

100 Hearing The Voice Of God

200 Communicating With Various Sheep

300 Don't Expect a Cheering Section

400 Humility and Servanthood

500 Redefining Ministry

600 As Unto The Lord

700 Recognized by the Father

800 When Only God Knows Your Name

900  Boundaries in Ministry

Wrap Up: Ministry of Helps: Prayer and Release

Church Planting and Discipleship School

100 A Heart for Souls

200 The Vision

300 Discipleship: Walking Alongside Another’s Journey

400 Who Are Your People?

500 The Church- The People Versus the Adornments

600  The Soil, The Water and The Fruit

700 Modeling Servanthood in Action

800 The Source

900 Keep On Keeping On

Wrap Up: Church Planting/Discipleship: Ministry and Release

Ministry Administration and Oversight School

100 Five Fold and The Church

200 The Core Foundations of The Gospel Never Change

300 Titles or Entrustment?

400 Letting the Lord Build

500 Governing and Administration Principles                                                          

600 Humility and Transformation

700 Teamwork Makes The Lord’s Dream Work

800 Networking

900 Ministry Versus Business

Wrap Up: Ministry Administration/Leadership

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