Equipping Ministry Schools

School of the Prophets

Prophesy versus Being a prophet

Old Versus New Testament Prophesy

Hearing The Voice of God

What Do I Do With This Thing?

Help I Want Out: Counting The Cost

Leading Them To Him

What If They Don't Receive?

Hiding In Christ Alone

School of Helps

Hearing The Voice Of God

Communicating With Various Sheep

Don't Expect a Cheering Section

Humility and Servanthood

Redefining Ministry

As Unto The Lord

Recognized by the Father

When Only God Knows Your Name

School of Intercession

Religious Versus Spirit Led Prayer

A Lifestyle of Yieldedness

Inner Court Experiences

Trevail: Birthing In The Spirit

The Power of Declarations

The Power of Standing

The Prayer Closet

Humility and Servanthood