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Teachings and Messages to Grow By

Be blessed by free solid Bible based teachings aimed at discipling you to be all the Lord Jesus can be through you (titles listed alphabetically):

Altruism: Helping Others Biblically by Apostle Emmanuel Okang

Avoiding Evil by Bishop David Kimeu

Break The Cycle By Apostle David March

Break The Cycle 2 by Apostle David March

Claiming Your Deliverance (Even if Its Messy) by Apostle David March

Digging Cisterns in the Wilderness by Apostle Michele Sparks

Developing Spiritual Maturity by Apostle Michele Sparks

Don't Be A Hoarder by Apostle David March

Don't Mistake My Kindness as Weakness by Apostle Emmanuel Okang

Effects of Righteousness by Bishop David Kimeu

Escape The Trap of The Enemy by Apostle Okang

Fighting Giants by Apostle Emmanuel Okang

Forget Not To Bless The Lord by Bishop David Kimeu

Let's Get Real About Temptation and Addiction by Apostle Michele Sparks

Meeting The Well At The Well by Apostle Michele Sparks

Perceiving Anew by Apostle Michele Sparks

Recognize Who You Are by Apostle David March

Remove The Scales From Your Eyes by Apostle Emmanuel Okang

Remove The Scales From Your Eyes part two by Apostle Emmanuel Okang

Remove The Scales from Your Eyes part three by Apostle Emmanuel Okang

Righteous Remnants by Bishop David Kimeu

Shake The Snake Off Into The Fire by Apostle Emmanuel Okang

The Feast of Tabernacles by Apostle Joseph Sarasin

The Cave of Adullem by Apostle David March

The Trust Fund: Trusting Heaven by Apostle David March

There Remains More To Be Possessed In The Land by Apostle Okang

Waiting, Watching, Working and Warring by Apostle Joseph Sarasin

Where Are You Going? by Apostle Emmanuel Okang

Will You Be Ready For The Harvest? by Apostle David March

Beware the Traps by Apostle David March


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